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About Us

How does it work?

​An interlock system works by requiring the motorist to provide a breath sample which is analyzed real time.  Once the sample is analyzed and determined to be free of alcohol the motorist will be able to start their vehicle.  If no sample is given or a sample is determined to have alcohol content the vehicle will be unable to be started or moved.  It's the equivalent of having an officer administrating a breathalyzer test every time the motorist wishes to drive.  For more information, feel free to contact us at anytime.


"We treat every customer's vehicle as if it was our own...."


BZ Customs was one of the very first to offer interlock services in the state.  We are committed to helping officials keep drunk drivers off the road.  Our technicians are trained and certified to install and service interlock systems and we are proud to keep up the fight!

What causes someone to need an interlock system?

​An individual can end up with an interlock system in their vehicle due to a personal decision or a court mandated order to do so.  An interlock system can be ordered by the court system as an alternative option for a motorist rather than them losing their license completely due to a drinking and driving offense. 

Est. 2007...

Bluezonics Customs takes great pride in providing our customers with quality products, professional installations, and top notch customer service.  We have been delivering the Bluezonics brand since 2007 and have great excitement for the years to come.  Bluezonics Custom's main goal is to treat all customers like family and ever vehicle like our own.  This simple philosophy ensures a great overall experience for the customer every time.  We have the lowest prices, the best quality installs, and superior customer service.  Whether in your vehicle or on your vehicle we can do it!  We hope to help you upgrade your vehicle very soon!  Come out and see us, you'll be glad you did!​

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