How does a remote start work?

Remote car starters are devices that allow a vehicle to be started without requiring either the driver or the key to be physically present. This feat is accomplished through a component that is connected to the ignition system and fitted with a radio receiver. When that component receives a signal from a paired transmitter, which typically takes the form of a key fob, it activates the starter motor.

What is the range of a remote starter?

The distance you can remote start your vehicle from depends on the type of remote starter you purchased.  We offer ranges from 800ft all the way up to 3 miles.  There is even an option to start your vehicle using your smart phone from anywhere in the world!!  

If I can't see my vehicle, how do I know it started?

There are two different types of remotes that a remote start system can come with.  Type 1 is a one way remote and type 2 is a two way remote.  A one way remote is a remote that submits the start signal but does not receive any communication back from the vehicle confirming the vehicle started.  A two way remote does receive this communication back and will make a series of sounds and light blinks to let you know if the vehicle successfully remote started.  If you will be starting your vehicle in a situation where your vehicle will not be in direct sight then a two way remote is the way to go.

​Can I remote start my vehicle using my factory key fob or do I have to carry an extra fob just for remote start?

With many of the newer vehicles out, it is now an option to utilize your factory key fob to remote start the vehicle.  This is what we call the factory fit package and it's a very popular option.

How long will my vehicle run for once I remote start it?

We can customize the run time based on what the customer prefers.  The average run time is 15 minutes but we can program it to run all the way up to 45 minutes.  

What is the warranty on a remote start?

All components of the remote start system come with a 1-3 year factory warranty depending on the system purchased.  The installation comes with a lifetime warranty.  This means if an issue arises due to an install error, we will provide the fix free of charge to the customer.

Does tint get applied on the inside or outside?

Window film is installed on the interior of the vehicle.  Car Washes and any form of exterior cleaning is totally fine immediately after window film installation.  You should wait at least 3 days before performing any interior cleaning in your vehicle.

How many days should I wait before rolling my windows down?

We advise our customers to wait 3 days before rolling their windows down after window film is installed.  In colder months, waiting a total of 5 days would be a good idea.

Are there different kinds of window tint?

Window film comes in many different variations.  There are different percentages of darkness, heat transfer rates, and glare reduction rates depending on the particular film.  The image below illustrates the different percentages and what you can expect shade wise from each:

​How long will the tint installation process take?

This ultimately depends on the vehicle itself and if the entire vehicle is being tinted or just a portion.  On average a full vehicle tint application will take roughly two hours.  This is just an estimate though and service times will vary depending on many factors.

How can I cut down on heat during the summer?

Any quality window film will help with interior heat in some form or fashion however, the amount of heat reduction depends on the type of window film being used.  For instance, there is a huge difference between the heat reduction dyed film will provide vs. the extreme heat reduction you will get from an Infared window film.  Ultimatley the right film solution for a customer's vehicle depends on their needs and budget.  We offer tinting solutions to satisfy all needs and budgets.  

Does tint come with a warranty?

All of our window film comes with a full lifetime warranty.  This warranty covers peeling, bubbling, and film discoloration.  If a customer experiences any of these issues, the tint causing the problem will be replaced free of charge.  We stand behind our work and will always do what is necessary to address any problems that may arise.  


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